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You will be hearing much more about Sensible Ventures and the research and work our engineers have been doing over the years.

A small group of engineers, computer scientists, designers, and visionaries have joined forces to create market leading solutions in many different industries. With decades of experience in a variety of fields the individuals shared their knowledge across the team and designed the products and solutions that will position Sensible Ventures at the top in existing and emerging markets. Early on we were dedicated to making quality products and useful solutions that would stand up to time and other competitors. For us it was about designing things the right way the first time and if the technologies did not exist to solve the hurdles we came upon we invented the technologies that would cross those hurdles.
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A SeeingAid developed by Sensible Ventures has the potential to change the way vision impaired people explore and become familiar with their surroundings
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Combining the power of GPS technologies with search advertising will prove to change the may we find and sell products and services when we are mobile.